Woman Catches Homeless Man With 10 Stray Dogs In Cart, She Then Learns The Reason Why

On her way back home Alicia was driving along the Arkansas highway one day as she passed an elderly man on his bike.

She noticed he was carrying a group of dishevelled stray dogs in the makeshift trailer behind him as she got closer.

The man seemed to be having a difficult time pedalling but Alicia kept on driving by.

However, there was something about the sight of the man that stuck in her mind.

She promised she would stop and help if she ever saw the man again.

God must have put this man on that road at that time for a reason because as I was returning to town I saw him,” she recounted on Facebook.

Alicia pulled over alongside the man and struck up a conversation as she felt fate was working its magic.

She learned that Steve had been homeless since 2001.

Steve’s story touched Alicia when she asked about the 10 dogs in his trailer, it set off a chain of kindness that left everyone dumbfounded.

Alicia saw a man pedalling his bike and carrying 10 dogs in a makeshift trailer while driving home in Arkansas one day.

Neither of them had any idea that their encounter would change their lives forever.

Alicia learned that Steve has been homeless since 2001 once they got to talking,

He has dedicated himself to taking in animals who are neglected and in need of love over the last 14 years.

Steven the midst of a 2000-mile journey and his beloved dogs went to see his girlfriend in Indiana.

He planned to set up camp so the dogs could rest that night.

Steve found a kinship with stray dogs as they had no home just like him.

With the dogs, Steve found a sense of family life, as a home was wherever they were, once they were together.

But Alicia couldn’t leave them so she and her mom reached out to animal lovers around the country on Facebook.

Donations flooded in within hours.

An animal advocate named Kelley who volunteered to drive Steve and the dogs to their destination in Indiana.

Steve and the dogs also were given a safe motel room, food, and a warm bed.

The pups couldn’t have been happier as they were treated like kings and queens.

Steve and his girlfriend were also put in contact with a woman named Angela, who ran an organization that works with homeless people and their pets.

Angela worked with them each day since their arrival and became the family’s saviour.

In order that Steve won’t be homeless again, he received a new trailer for himself and his dogs so they will never be homeless again.

He is blown away by the acts of kindness and still remains in touch with Alicia and her mother.

Steve will receive assistance in spaying and neutering and his pups will be provided with all the medical care they require

Alicia set up an online fundraiser raising tens of thousands of dollars.

Which now has fans and followers around the country.

Donations poured to allow his dogs to be safe and happy for many years to come.

This man might still be pedalling down the road if it wasn’t for every single one of you, not realizing what hardship he might hit next.

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