101 yr old Woman from “Gone with the Wind”: Still Alive You Won’t Believe How She Looks

At the age of 101, Olivia de Havilland still looks incredible.

Many classic films out there that still hold their value. Even though its a long movie nothing comes close to Gone with the Wind.  I’m sure we’ve all seen it countless times… no doubt we will view it many more times!

From this powerful cast of amazing actors and actresses, there is only one who still remains, Olivia de Havilland is now 101 years old … and she looks smashing!

Olivia is one of last few surviving actresses from Hollywood’s so-called “golden era”.  She is also the only one from the cast of Gone with the Wind who is still alive.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, as her father was a British diplomat employed there at the time.  The family relocated to California in 1919– there Olivia’s mom, gave her daughters acting, music and dance lessons as she herself had been an actress prior to getting married.

Olivia’s passion for acting was born there, a desire that would lead to her starring in 49 movies throughout her successful career.

One of them which was the timeless classic Gone with the Wind.

Olivia had a long-standing rivalry throughout her career with sister, Joan Fontaine.

The notorious siblings are pictured below.

Their relationship with each other was relatively poor, 1941 it turned worse once the sisters went head-to-head for the Oscar for best actress.

Joan was awarded the title for her role in film Suspicion.

Queen Elizabeth II recently honored Olivia with the title“Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire”.

Olivia currently resides in France– her beauty s still very much evident!

Olivia de Havilland has lived a long incredible life having reached a ripe age of 101 years. She must treasure the thought knowing she was a huge part of film history.

Above you can view a tribute to her featuring in the original movie.

We would all be content to have had that kind of film career!

Here you can see a recent interview with the actress.

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