13 Times Women Wore Heels And Failed Miserably, #7 Will Make You Shake Your Head

High heels can be a real pain. You can’t live with them but you can’t live without them. Almost every woman has a pair of heels in her wardrobe and if you don’t, well then I want to hear from you! There is nothing worse than being on a night out and your feet are throbbing.

Well maybe there is. What about when you are walking down the street and you hit a speed wobble ( or a stone ) and your heels decide to take on a life of their own. I think we have all experienced it at least once in our lives ( bar that woman that does not own a paid of heels ).

Well we have made a little list below showing the top 13 times where women failed to walk in their heels without completely embarrassing themselves.

They say its good to laugh every day so please sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the clips below. If you enjoy it then please share with your friends so they can have a laugh aswell.

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1: Strutting your way to the bar for a drink..

2 -When you’re falling and act like your totally NOT!

3 -I get knocked down….but I get up again!

4 -I swear they fit right…

5 -Come on….we can all associate with this speed

6 – Seriously who someone spilled something?

7 – When you HIT a wall 😀

8 -Wibbly wobbly wonder…..

9 -I’ll just rest here a while.

10 -Slap that!

11 -When you have an audience

12 -Own it girls

13 -Get over it…

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