Woman gives birth to 18.9lbs baby, people’s reaction online are causing quite a stir

A post on Facebook shows a picture of a man holding a newborn baby ( not that it looks anything like a newborn baby) with the caption “Natural Birth!!!!!!!. 18lb 9ozs. 😧”

People are commenting on the picture and cannot seem to comprehend how somebody would be able to get that out of their body!

You can read some of the comments below

Ashleyfox98 seems to think the child was a preschooler!

Msmimi04 said she could not even imaging that coming out of her Vag***

One woman left a comment saying a baby like this should not be allowed to grow this size and should have been c-sectioned at an earlier time. Other women argued that everything should be left natural.

What do you think about this? Would you be able to give birth to a child this size?

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