18-year-old invents bra that could save millions of women’s lives, after losing his mother to cancer.

So many lives are affected when a person is diagnosed with cancer especially their close friends and family.

When Julian was only 13 years of age he was unable to deal with the difficult news of his mother being diagnosed with cancer,  for the second time.

Her son wanted to make a difference when he was 18 and so he took the first step to help other families prevent the situation.

Julian has now produced an invention that could possibly change the entire picture of medical diagnosing for breast cancer.

Along with three of his friends, they have now formed Higia Technologies and their object is indeed very simple and clever.

In order to catch cancer in the early stages along the young men have found inspiration and developed a bra.

Early detection is the main key to recovery when disease breast cancer can strike so fast.

As a result of her cancer Julians mother lost both of her breasts. Having witnessed his mothers or do you Julian realized the outcome of a late diagnosis.

Having witnessed his mothers or do you Julian realized the outcome of a late diagnosis, and her pain and suffering was the exact motivation you need.

This compelled him to create an invention that could help detect early signs of the disease. The bra is designed to detect any changes in the breast as it has 200 sensors built into the ‘auto exploration‘.

A grant of $20,000 was received to continue developing the idea after Julian and his friends entered the product into the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

The idea is for the bra to be worn for at least 60 to 90 minutes every week in order to detect any changes in temperature, color or texture of the breasts.

If tumors are present the alter the blood flow and the bra is designed to pick up on the changes that occur.

Any changes that occur,  updated details are then sent to an app where women are then alerted in time by their chosen medical professional.

This is a brilliant idea from Julian and his friends to be a success in the future.

Take a look at the video for more details on this amazing bra:

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