Being Old Does Not Mean You Have No Fun, 22 People Show You Why

We used to tink being an adult is cool as a child. Until that is years pass and it turns out that we were wrong.

Some people, however, refuse to grow up and manage to stay childish.

They don’t take too much stuff serious and still love to play pranks.

Below are 25 photographs of people Trending Stylist have gathered of those who still embrace their inner child.

1: Childs Play

2: Look Again

3: This is what I came home to today:

4: Someone’s idea of a joke lol

5: On point with the tie..

6: When your not allowed have your best friend in bed.

7: Dad comes round to mine for gaming time.

8: Spider woman..

9: Nugget world

10: When you grow up.

11: Spill proof lid

12: No comment

13: So I got this text…

14: When my parents ask me to mind the dog.

15: When bae makes coffee for the first time

16: Go go power ranger …

17: Dad do something funny!

18: Looking very cool today.

19: Practising for a lead role

20: When you tell someone they look good in purple!!

21: Trying to ruffle my feathers.

22: Smallest snowman ever!

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