24 Parents Share Photos Of The Mess Their Children Made, We Can All Agree With #13

We all know what its like having children and how messy they can be most parts of the day.

From simple things like eating food or playing with their toys, kinds manage to make a mess out of anything.

But sometimes they can take things a little further. Especially when you take your eyes off them for at least 2 or 3 minutes.

If you are a parent and have a child that is either 5 or older then you have probably experienced something similar to the pictures below.

Some of them might jog your memory if you don’t remember it ever happening to you.

1 – They always love flour

2 – They also love the hot chocolate powder.

3 – Peanut butter is one of the hardest to remove from any child.

4 – Sudo Cream is just as hard.

5 – So many little tiny pieces of cereal…

6 – Have you ever tried to remove this marker from your wall?

7 – At least he was trying to cook the eggs..

8 – Oh god not my new couch. This is why I don’t have a dog..

9 – Then when you have a dog this is what happens.

10 – I guess its a small bit artistic..

11 – Then this is just a plain old mess

12 – Don’t even leave the baby powder open.

13 – More peanut butter.

14 – I hate bean bags..

15 – Paint and fluff don’t come off easy.

16 – He really looks shocked

17 – He can stay at that side of the room because I am not cleaning that mess.

18 – She is a little too old for this right..

19 – Just replace the couches because this will not come off

20 – Chocolate syrup…Yum

21 – Look at my lovely bathroom

22 – Peanut butter in the hair is impossible to wash out

23 – Especially when its plastered on this thick.

24 – If you were not mentioned in the list above then you will surely have seen the standard food mess baby.

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