23 Women Who Won’t Forget Online Purchases They Made Anytime Soon

Statistics show that 84% of internet users made at least one online purchase last year.

Online shopping is not only convenient but can also be very profitable.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when you don’t get exactly what you ordered perhaps an item you didn’t want at all.

Trending Stylist has gathered examples of but hilarious online disappointments.

“Clearly not what I ordered”

“Jeans arrived, are they trying to quack me up”

“Food container or bin?”

“Snow getting outta this”


“When things foil away”

“Not what I expected”

“Dseigner Clothes

“A little of the original design”

“This looks great!”

“Make your own bear?”

“Wedding bells not jingle ones”



“small mistake”

“Dino must have been extinct.”

“It was a bear necessity”

“Precious Moments”

“Like it says on the box”

“Barely there”

“When you get it right”

Cat gone, butt she’ll be back…”

“Did I get someone else’s order?”

Been in a similar situation which resulted in disappointment?

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Published By Trending Stylist.