27 Kids Taking A Nap In The Most Unsuspecting Places, #6 Brings Napping To A Whole New Planet

At some point in our adult lives, napping became a luxury.

Not sure about each of you as a child, but I would fight both tooth and nail against bedtime. Much to the dislike of my parents, the detest was real. I would resist tiredness trying to stay awake as long as possible.

Finally, after a long battle, I would collapse on my soft bed with the only too familiar thud of exhaustion.

My photo albums are proof prove I was a pro at finding an unusual sleeping place, below are images of kids that may have one up on me.

In need of a laugh, check out the images below of kids falling asleep in crazy spaces.

1) “ Mid haircut snooze!”

2: It can be a sleepy slope for some!!

3 – “My son could fall asleep anywhere”

4 – “Always Important to look cool while napping”

5 – “Worn out from demands of wanting to go toy shopping we both finally gave in”

6 – No he didn’t roll down the stairs we just found him there,  a step down from the bed”

7 – “Toddlers who travel can throw themselves down anywhere these days”

8 – Typical

9 – Time Out

10 – This is usually me after a night out”

11 – I’m not tired I’m just closing my eyes for a little”

12 – “When you can’t go camping”

13 – “Can’t sleep won’t sleep ….gone”

14 – “Passed out”

15 – “When you’re all out of pillows”

16 – Sleepy Shopper

17 –  Got Floored 

18 – “In it for the long haul”

19 – “Best Buds”

20 – “Do Not Disturb”

21 – “I can squat in my sleep too”

22 – Shhhhhh…..

23 – “Who own’s this child”

24 – Lazy Days

25 – Out for the count

26 – Flat Out

27 – Counting the minutes

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