3 Old Men Sneak On Stage, Just See How They Make The Crowd Go Wild As They Turn Around

This unexpected performance will really put you in good humor.

Everyone absolutely loves a surprise, especially when it’s someone you know.

The video clip below is absolutely brilliant we suggest you scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Over 11 million people have broken out in laughter when watching this amazing show.

In a Californian retirement home, the crowd gathered and is eagerly awaited the 3 elderly men.

On this day, these gentlemen have promised an extra special performance.

The three men peer out from behind the curtain before the performance begins.

As they slowly make their way to the center of the stage, the dramatic music starts to play.

They appear to be walking bent-over with aching backs as they walk on stage, in an attempt to look hindered.

However, the crowd suspects otherwise since the gentlemen are wearing matching clothes.

Lifting their legs with the effort they turn their backs to the eager crowd.

The show swiftly changes momentum as the music suddenly becomes a faster rhythm.

That’s when the gentlemen do something on stage that causes the crowd to applaud, cheer, and break out laughing.

A lot of effort must have been put in to learn this routine, as this is very impressive stuff.

Now its time to check it out on the video below.

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