Horrific Encounter As 4 Sisters Lives End Tragically In Limo Crash, On Route To Family Occasion.

Occasionally we are often reminded about the merciless heartless nature of life.

Do your best to be considerate, attempt to pardon others, and tell your friends and family how you are feeling, one never knows when it will be your last chance to do so.

Simply ask the family of four sisters that were tragically killed in a disastrous car accident in Schoharie, upstate New York on Saturday evening.

The young ladies and their spouses were among the 20 lives taken while on their way to a birthday party for their youngest sister, who was turning 30, in one of the deadliest US transportation crash in 10 years.

While in transit to a party, the limousine they were going in ran a stop sign and collided with a parked vehicle outside a store, according to CNN.

Altogether, 17 birthday party guests suffered fatalities, along with the limo driver and two people walking.

Three of the four sisters were going with their spouses, the couples have since been named as Amy and Axel Steenburg, Abigail and Adam Jackson, Mary and Rob Dyson and Allison King.

According to CNN, it’s since been affirmed that the altered limo that carried the passengers had failed an inspection a month prior and shouldn’t have been driving. In addition to that, the driver didn’t have a proper drivers permit to even be in the driver’s seat of the limo.

Investigators are currently trying to recognize whether it was a vehicle glitch or driver error that caused the tragedy, with the limo having plowed through a stop sign and into an SUV.

Barbara Douglas, a close relative to the four sisters who lost their lives in the tragedy, depicted them as “wonderful girls”.

“They did the responsible thing getting a limo so they wouldn’t have to drive anywhere.”

Tributes have poured in from around the world, while the investigation is progressing in the town of Schoharie as to precisely what went wrong.

All the unfortunate casualties are in our thoughts and we trust they’re in a safer place now.

Tragedies like this ought to never happen.

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