4-Year-Old Girl Runs Out Of Public Bathroom Crying, Then Mom Sees What’s On Her Legs

We are not as safe today in society as we once were.

There are individuals out there who are willing to hurt others just for the sheer thrill and fun of it for no apparent reason at all.

Nicole Langmead found this out for herself one day when she brought her children to McDonald’s for a treat.

Not long after entering the premises, Kaya, informed her mum that she needed to use bathroom.

Nicole walked to the toilet and waited outside with her other two daughters.

After some time waiting for Kaya to return, two teenage girls exited the bathroom laughing and giggling to themselves as if they had just shared a funny joke with each other.

Not long after this, Kaya emotionally made her way out of the bathroom crying, making mom and her sisters wonder what on earth could be wrong.


Kaya told her mother that she had been stuck to the toilet seat! Very confused, Langmead immediately rushed into the toilet only to discover that the seat was covered in super glue.

Like any super glue, the very moment Kaya’s skin made contact with the seat, the unwary child was glued fast to the seat.

Her struggle to break free resulted in the skin on her legs being ripped off.

Police officers determined the two teenage girls, the ones who came out laughing, were responsible for what happened and may have been between 16 and 18 years of age.

The parents of those girls must be so proud and this is exactly what Langmead said in a message to the unknown pranksters. Not only did they put super glue on the regular toilets, but they also smeared it on the infant and disabled toilets. It is very clear that they had one intent in mind with their cruel act, and that was to inflict pain on anyone – no matter what disability they had or age they were.

Disgustingly, their victim turned out to be an innocent four year old. This is what happens parents do not teach their children right from wrong when raising them. This is also what happens when parents do not hold their children accountable for their actions. Parents need to step up and address and correct their children as they mature.


Every parent need to instill respect and the difference between right and wrong into their kids. They need to hold them accountable for any wrong they do when growing up. Teach them that there are consequences for bad behavior. When children are not taught right from wrong, very often they learn the hard way as adults and end up in prison.

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