Shocking video: 6-year-old boy is just going to the bathroom, then teacher does the unimaginable

School is where we send our children to be educated, and the very moment your child enters school, you expect them to be well taken care of, no matter if it is a preschool, kindergarten or even elementary school.

We put our faith in the teachers in the school to take the best care of our kids while they are in attendance. And needless to say, this is expected from any employee at a school.

This is exactly what the parents of a 6-year-old boy believed while their son was attending a kindergarten at Riverdale School in Ohio, USA.

But unknown to them, this was not the case.

On one particular day at school, Ian was heading down the hallway to the toilet. He was promptly stopped in the hallway by a teacher named Barb Williams.

The school’s security footage captured William’s grabbing the young boy by the face and slamming him up against the wall. She then takes hold of his shirt and lifts him up by it.

The young boys parents were extremely upset by the footage and were very angered by the incident, and rightfully so.

Williams was subsequently suspended for a period of 10 days without pay before returning to the school again. Ian’s parents, Anthony and Autumn Nelson, were enraged with the schools decision.

The pair were astounded that she got off so lightly and was allowed return to work.

“I would consider what would happen to myself, if I were to do that to her,” says Anthony Nelson, father of 6-year-old Ian. “If I were to do that to her, I would go to jail.”

In their eyes, the school tried to sweep the matter under the rug, claiming they did not think it was not a big deal. When Ian’s parents finally got to see the full security footage, they discovered how serious the situation that occurred really was.

Ian had been pushed with such force against the wall that he had bruising on his back, his parents revealed.

Regardless of the incident, the principal and superintendent did not want to fir Williams, who, in their eyes, is a very good teacher.

After the footage was made public, Williams was forced to resign and the police pressed charges against her. In court, she pleaded “no contest” and had to pay the $250 as well as the court charges.

The Williams family were delighted that she was found guilty of the charge, but believe the school should have done more to protect their son by calling the police and fire Williams on the spot. No children should ever have to fear going to school and should certainly not be picked on by teachers. Williams in my eyes got her just deserves and should never be let near a school or teach again.

Watch the terrible incident here, but be warned — it will be disturbing for some viewers!

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