70-year-old widow wishes to marry again – her hilarious single ad in newspaper goes viral.

Getting back into the dating game can be intimidating and scary for an older person. It’s imperative to remain open-minded and not pass judgment too quickly on others.

When you hear this hilarious story entailing one elderly lady, you’ll realize exactly how funny dating really can be.

This story recounts a 70-year-old widow and her involvement with starting to date once more.

Make sure you read the whole story and hold up until the point you reach the punchline. You will burst out in laughter the ending.

The lady had concluded that it was the ideal opportunity for her to wed again so she put an advertisement in the neighborhood daily paper that read:

Husband wanted! Must be in my age group, must not beat me, must not run around on me, and must still be good in bed. All applicants please apply in person.”

The very next day her doorbell rang. She ran to the door in anticipation, but much to her dismay she saw a gray-haired gentleman who was definitely in her age category, but he was in a wheelchair and had no arms or legs.

She looked down at him with frustration and said, “You’re not really going to ask me to consider you, are you? Just look at you, you have no legs!”

The man smiled and replied, “Therefore, I cannot run around on you!”

The woman, still frustrated with the man sitting in front of her replied, “You don’t have any arms either!”

Therefore, I can never beat you!” he replied with yet another smile.

She raised an eyebrow, loosening up a little to the man sitting in front of her, and asked intently, “Are you still good in bed?”

Without hesitating the man leaned back in his wheelchair, flashed her a beaming smile, and said, “I rang the doorbell didn’t I?”

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