96-year-old lady wants to sell home – when people go inside to discover it’s been untouched for 72 years

Don’t you just love all things vintage, beautiful old things contain a sense of history?

Perhaps it’s an appreciation for design that resonates with most of us, decades after they were made.

Things that are charming and compelling with plenty of soul, nothing like this gem is as impressive.

This entire house was kept intact by its owners and for more than seven decades it was maintained meticulously.

When its 96-year-old owners finally decided to sell it after 72 years news about the untouched house spread rapidly.

A real estate agent assigned to the house was taken aback by what she found,  once she stepped foot inside the house.

This house is sure to blow you away,  regardless of whether you admire vintage things or not.

From its gorgeous entrance to the backyard, this perfectly preserved time capsule from the 1950s is located in Toronto, Canada.

Take a look at the gorgeous photos below and enjoy a trip back in time.

Meticulously maintained wallpaper in the front entrance

Loving the colors!

It’s beautifully co-ordinated.

Check out the pink vintage phone.

Kitchen from a different era.

Formal Dining Area.

Don’t you just love the decor?

A pop of purple to add some color.

Powder pink.

Master Bedroom.

The den, a place to hide out...

….and relax.

Utility room.

A glimpse from outside.

A back garden is always important.

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