97-Year-Old Lies in Hospital Bed Singing ‘How Great Thou Art’ for One of Last Times

Possibly one of the most powerful and beautiful hymn’s of all time “How Great Thou Art” never fails to fill you with emotions and always captures the fullness of God’s glory.

The classic hymn not only reflects the goodness of god, but also describes the beauty of having faith in him. It is is a truly moving song that seldom fails to give you goose bumps and more often than not will bring a tear to your eye.

I have heard the hymn at funerals of friends and have been very moved by the experience, but i did not expect to become so moved and emotional after i witnessed Robert Ear”BOB” Walters singing it.

It is very easy to sing about how great God is when life seems to be going well. But not many people will be singing “How Great Thou Art” from their hospital bed as wait for the lord to take you? Walters certainly was.

Melissa Walters moss uploaded the video of her 97-year-old grand-dad singing the hymn in his hospital bed at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. Surrounded by his loving friends and family, Grandpa Walters gave a very moving rendition of the great hymn.

Faith, love, peace and wisdom were clear to be heard in Walter’s vocals. You can clearly see how strong his faith is through every single word he sang.

On Jan. 12, Moss shared an update. Her grandpa passed away in the early morning on Friday after singing that evening.

“I captured the sweetest moment when they were singing a hymn together, just listen to his sweet voice praising Jesus.

This morning my precious grandpa got to meet Jesus face to face as he peacefully went home to be with Him, uncle Rick by his side,” Moss wrote.

Possibly the last songs Walters sang was “How Great Thou Art.” I certainly hope i can sing such a holy hymn before my death.


The video of Walter singing the hymn in his hospital bed was also shared on the Facebook page Love What Matters.

Countless people shared their very own memories of singing the hymn with loved ones who were sick or have passed away.

Kirsten Thompson shared that her family sang the hymn around her grandpa’s hospital bed just before he passed away.

“Oh wow…this is what we sang around my grandpa’s hospital bed,” she wrote. “My oldest daughter was 4 years old (now 8 yrs old) and she still calls it ‘great grandpa’s song.’”

“This is why we should still sing hymns at church…they connect generations together,” she finished her comment.

Even though he was staring death in the face, Walters certainly left an impression on his family and future generations as a man showing his great faith in his God before meeting him face to face. Our deepest of condolences to his family and prayers and thoughts are with them during this time.

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