Autistic Boy Fails Exams And Teacher Sends Him A Powerful Letter Which Goes Viral.

Ordinarily, as a mother of a kid with autism, you need to continue with a sort of thick skin keeping in mind the end goal to shield your child from the brutality of the world.

On top of the wall that parents need to build, kids need to experience challenges themselves.

Many youngsters who battle with extreme autism, additionally struggle with their school work. 11-year-old Ben Twist is one in particular.

Ben’s mom, Gail, got a massive shock when her child’s school sent home a letter after he failed to pass his SAT tests.

Gail thought the letter should express that he expected to reassess his work and attempt once more, however it said something very different.

Ben Twist was given a confidence boost regardless of his test score results, all because of the kind teachers at the Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College, a school composed particularly for students with special needs, in St. Helens, Merseyside.

This letter was making Gail cry – she never expected to receive anything like this.

Mrs. Clarkson proceeded to list every one of the things that Ben was gifted at, things that a state exam test couldn’t indicate in any way, shape or form.

Regardless of whether Ben was enticed to feel bad about his disappointing result, Mrs. Clarkson’s list of his attributes makes that impossible. She sees the genuine ability and potential that her student has.

We could do with more teachers like Mrs. Clarkson, have a read of her letter below.

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