Baby was born black and blue, this mother is now warning others about this hospital danger

This mother released shocking photos showing that her baby suffered horrific injuries after a doctor pulled at her daughter’s head three times with a suction cup during delivery.

Scarlett’s parents Louise Greene, 19, from Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, and her fiance Tommy Acott reveal how their daughter was born with a bruised scalp and a horrific 6cm cut across her head after a complicated birth.

Delivered in Basildon Hospital almost a year ago weighing 7lbs 6oz, Scarlett was rushed into intensive care in an incubator – looking like a ‘bloody mess’.

However, a spokesperson for the hospital explains after the baby’s’ heart rate dropped so the staff was forced to act ‘quickly as possible’ as it indicated she was in distress.
Tommy, 20, and Louise, 19 have been together since college, the sweethearts have been ‘through hell and back’ with the ordeal – which has ‘put us off having another child for life’.

Louise said: ‘Even today I’m angry because I missed out on the first moments of life with my little girl.

‘Whenever I look at those photos of her, it breaks my heart into tiny pieces. Scarlett won’t remember it but Tom and I have to live with it for the rest of our lives.’

Just after midnight in February 2015 Scarlett was born.

Mother Louise was exhausted, during the final hours of labor, she was offered an epidural so she readily agreed.

Scarlett was apparently in the wrong position so labor was unable to progress any further it would be impossible for her to be delivered naturally.

The midwife rushed to prepare theatre as the baby became distresses there she could be safely turned to the right position.

Once the consultant gynecologist – a male locum doctor – was left alone he took matters into his own hands.

Three times he attempted to deliver Scarlett using a vacuum suction cup.

He pulled repeatedly with the cap attached to the baby’s head each time, but without success.

The third time he pulled so hard – he fell off his chair and Louise nearly fell off the delivery bed she claims.

The doctor began pulling Scarlett out with forceps clamped at each side of her head according to Louise.

The midwife screamed at him to stop when she returned and saw what he was doing.

Scarlett was finally manipulated into the correct position and then safely delivered in theatre but not without injury.

Tommy and Louise weren’t able to get that first precious cuddle to bond with their baby girl.

Because of the damage during the brutal delivery, she was rushed to neonatal intensive care to be was assessed.

Louise stayed in a private room for the following week to recover from her own internal injuries.

Scarlett was unable to feed normally for the first few days so she remained in neonatal intensive care.

Scarlett’s scalp suffered bruising and a laceration of 1cm x 6cm bruising was present around her mouth and on each side of her face according to medical notes.

Louise said: ‘I was induced because of diabetes, at 10 pm that night a male doctor walked into the suite. I was very uncomfortable about it. ‘He didn’t explain he wanted to use the vacuum or forceps.’

‘When Scarlett arrived, they immediately took her away from me. I was so worried. They covered her up, all I could see were her eyes and nose.’

Her partner Tom said: ‘It’s put us both off for life having another child. I’d never put Louise, myself or a child through that again.’

Michelle Acott, Tom’s mother was outside the delivery room at the time, claims:

I thought the worst. I just knew it was Scarlett and that something had gone terribly wrong.‘There was a medical team racing alongside her as they headed to intensive care. ‘

My instincts proved correct. But even I couldn’t have anticipated how bad things had been in the delivery suite.

My darling little granddaughter’s scalp was a bloody mess. Her face was not only swollen, it was black and blue.’

Michelle was also with Louise and Tommy for much of the labor, states: ‘My granddaughter stayed in the Special Care Baby Unit for a week after being butchered during her delivery.’

‘She even had to have an X-ray to see if her skull was fractured. The stress was unimaginable. Her little face was black and blue and the wound on her head was enormous, you could see the pain on her face. I welled up every time I looked at her.’

Mother and baby arrived home after a week, but Michelle said their meeting with the hospital complaints team was rescheduled on two occasions.

Dr. Sharma – the head of the maternity unit – apologized to Michelle according to notes recorded at a complaints meeting,

Over the past 12 months, Louise has had counseling to get over the ordeal and baby Scarlett has been examined by experts including a plastic surgeon and an ophthalmologist.

Michelle said ‘No one knew what the long-term impact of Scarlett’s injuries could be. We’ve seen an eye specialist to check her vision hadn’t been damaged,

‘Then there was a plastic surgeon who examined her face and scalp too. Louise was given physiotherapy exercises to do with Scarlett to enable her to move her neck properly.’
There are still fears that Scarlett’s hair isn’t growing as it should and that it might be due to the scarring on her scalp.

The mental scars will forever remain for her family while the physical injuries have cleared a year on.

We’ve had the apologies, we know the NHS is under stress, this isn’t about seeking compensation from them,’

I don’t want any other family to go through the hell we’ve endured.’ says Michelle

A spokesperson for Basildon Hospital explains: ‘This was a very complicated birth and we have met with Scarlett’s family on a number of occasions to discuss their concerns.

‘During Scarlett’s birth, it became clear that her heart rate was dropping which indicates she was in distress.

‘A decision was taken by the doctor responsible for her care to make an assisted delivery using a ventouse suction cup followed by forceps to help deliver the baby as quickly as possible. Both are recognised clinical options when there are concerns about a baby’s heart rate.

‘Unfortunately, in Scarlett’s case, this led to significant bruising and a cut which can be complications of assisted deliveries.

‘When the doctor was unable to complete the procedure successfully a senior consultant came to assist. We have continued to care for Scarlett since her birth and delighted that she has made good progress.’

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