Blushing Bride Finds Parcel On Counter From Stranger Days Prioir To Wedding

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Mary Hall returned from work days before her wedding. She noticed an unexpected parcel sitting on the kitchen top. Chuck, her finance was in the other room, he was waiting so they could open it together.

Confusion and surprise set in as the couple went to open the box and fund a letter congratulating them on their upcoming vows from complete strangers.

Even more strange the Faulkner family from Illinois located Chuck and Mary’s via wedding registry online, through an internet Google search.

In addition to the typed letter, there was also a gift — and it was so unexpected and coincidental that Mary got goose bumps all over her body.

Chuck Neese and Mary Hall wed on January 20, 2018, naturally, they were very excited.

All went as expected for the couple from Evansville, Indiana.

An unexpected package arrived in the post just days beforehand. Curious, read on.

Mary spotted a puzzling box sitting on the kitchen table when she returned from work.

When Mary asked Chuck him about the unopened package he explained that he was waiting for her return before opening it.

After locating Chuck & Mary’s wedding registry online, the Felker family, who live hundreds of miles away in Illinois decided to send the package.

The letter stated “Your names were the first listing on the search results to be getting married in 2018. Through a little bridal registry ‘detective work,’ we found an address to send this gift to,”

It turns out, the couple shares the same names as the Felker’s departed parents from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

The shared first names were all it took to inspire a wonderful act of kindness.

The letter was to congratulate Chuck and Mary on their forthcoming wedding.

Mary tells  WFIE “We opened it, and he started reading that letter, and as he started reading, I just got chills and goosebumps all over.”

“He kept reading… and I was just shocked.”

This was an extremely sentimental gift.

The letter read: “We kindly wish that you will accept these engraved champagne glasses that had once belonged to our late parents.”

Chuck and Mary Felker, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, were married for a delightful 62 years.

A small photo of the two young lovebirds was included at the bottom of the letter.

Mary was astounded by the pair of personalized vintage glasses:

Engraved with the words ‘Let me dance with you forever, Mary & Chuck’

Evidently, the couple plans to utilise the glasses on their wedding day.

But wait… the strange incident doesn’t end here.

Mary also observed the glasses were packaged in a Converse shoe box.

I’m like, ‘No way!‘”

Mary and her bridesmaids planned to wear the famous Chuck Taylor shoes by Converse from the beginning underneath their dresses!

Honestly, what is the likelihood?!

The couple hope to one day meets the Felker family.

They’ve even extended an invitation to attend the wedding, they still wait for a response.

Mary and Chuck, have a young daughter named Lily when she gets married, they plan to send the champagne glasses to another couple bearing the same names.

This tradition continues now two families have connected thanks to this random act of kindness.

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