Can You Really Believe This Is Miley Cyrus’ Mother

It’s easy to think that beauty or talent might be in the genes when successful people come from an already famous family.  Some would agree that it is accurate for mega pop star Miley Cyrus.

It was easy to see where her own good looks stem from when actress and pop singer Miley tweeted a picture of her 50-year-old mum Tish.

Miley’s mum shows off her amazing figure in a black one piece, where she closely resembles her daughter.  Miley’s fans were stunned by Tish’s good looks.

My mother! OMG! @tishcyrus is everything,” Miley typed in her caption to the photo. “50 and smokin.

Comments rolled in praising her mum’s appearance while other suggested she looked young enough to be Miley’s sister.

OMG she could be your sis,” tweeted one person, while a second added: “Beauty runs deep in your family.”

Finally, a third commented: “How is she 50 wtffff she could pass for at least 35.

Go on admit it – she looks amazing for someone her age. Go Tish!

Tish Cyrus is unlike some parents of people who are famous, she is a celebrity in her own right, regularly producing films starring her daughter.

The 50-year-old appeared on US TV last year presenting her own interior design show with Miley’s older sibling Brandi Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer.

Despite her popularity, Tish Cyrus rest assured that she’s by no means looking to steal her daughter’s limelight.

Miley stunned fans at the Grammys with a flowing floor-length ruby gown, where she demonstrated her extraordinary transformation from the shaven-headed rebel a few years back.

At New York’s Madison Square Garden Miley went on to grace the awards ceremony by joining music legend Sir Elton John on stage to perform a duet of his classic hit ‘Tiny Dancer’.

The crowd who rewarded the performance with a standing ovation as it went down such a hit.

It would no doubt have been a very proud moment for Tish to see her daughter side-by-side with a truly great musician.