Caretaker Hoses Elephant For Bath Time, But Baby’s Clumsy “Dive” Has Onlookers In Hysterics.

The little elephant appropriately called “Double Trouble” gave onlookers a show they won’t ever forget as he hilariously enjoys a bath as a video is captured at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand, has gone viral.

As he plays in the water splashing in the tub, with not a care in the world. Double Trouble will have you doubled over laughing at his adorable antics in the bath as he slips and slides around the tub.

When his caretaker tries to rinse him off, he attempts to grabs the hose playfully swinging as the water splashes the crowd circling around him.

Things start to go hilariously wrong when he tries to hop back into the tub that when we see his next clumsy move.

Take a look at the moment this baby elephant dives headfirst into the pool of water in the video below, wait for his reaction.

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