Cops warn parents about meth pills that are Halloween treats disguised as candy

Most parent’s worst fear is that something awful could happen to their child.

Questions, doubts, and fear are present for most mothers and fathers, and as parents, you generally attempt to make an effort with regards to protecting your children.

Which is especially disturbing when I read stories like this, providing information on how crooks have begun to design their drugs to look like sweets.

The warning stems from the police department in Hapeville, Georgia. On Friday, September 21, police captured a suspicious looking man and made a horrific discovery while searching him – as per TV slot WBST.

They discovered drugs, cash and even weapons inside the bag the man carried. The most horrendous thing, however, was that the drugs had been masked to look like children’s candy.

Cpl. Jason Dyer wishes to salute his Criminal Investigation Division: CID made a noteworthy bust today.

The lead Det. M. Sanders, Det. S. Cushing and CSI S. McCollum found two guns (one stolen), money, suspected pot, pills, cannabis pops, and suspected powder cocaine.

The pills and candies are intended to look like candy. Parents, teachers, and Coaches, please make our youngsters aware of these possible risks.

Caution for all parents Amongst different things, the police discovered lolly pops covered in cannabis, in addition to pills and cocaine, the previous of which looked just as sweet for kids.

The pills and lollipops are designed to look like candy. Parents, teachers, and Coaches, please make our young people aware of these dangers,” explains Cpl. Jason Dyer of the Hapeville Police Department in an announcement.

In order to constrain the potential peril of this new way to deal with drug dealing,  it’s critical to teach your youngsters where its possible.

‘Like gummy bears” Of course, this isn’t the first incident American police have experienced drugs camouflaged as sweet.

Back in May, the police division in Marietta swooped on a man possessing what seemed to be standard sweets and sticky bears. They later ended up being narcotics.

It was a shock because you could believe it was normal candy if it didn’t come in the box it did. People need to be careful,” claims Ernia Bell.

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