Couple announce pregnancy – ultrasound catches baby doing this and shows them how

Announcing exciting news is now easier than ever before, with people going to great efforts to be creative and fun.

Thanks to social media,  informing family and friends of your exciting news or special occasion is so much easier nowadays.

When it comes to these big announcements it’s become commonplace for people to try and do better than each other, especially using digital trends to find a quirky way of delivering their news.

Having become pregnant, Jen Cardinal and her husband found themselves in this situation, following the ultrasound they wanted to reveal to the world in an unusual way that they were about to have a baby.

Their best suggestion wasn’t one they formulated themselves, on this occasion, it actually stemmed from within the womb.

The inspiration needed to be provided right there by their unborn baby.

The baby appears to clap its hands during the ultrasound, the couple decided to record a video of Jennifer singing to ‘it’  so as not to miss out on such a perfect moment or opportunity.

Take a look at this very cute idea in the video below.

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