Couple Unable To Pay Restaurant Bill, Waitress Falls On Her Knees Upon Realizing Their Plan

People who work as a waiter or servant are normally underappreciated and usually underpaid. It’s not an easy job when you have to please a customer every minute of the day

Tips are sometimes the only things that keeps a waiter are going. But when they get a good tip it really makes their day something special.

Chelsea Roff is a young waitress who works at a popular smokehouse. She always tries to be polite and has a smile on her face every single day. Sometimes however a customer can make you upset especially when they are telling you that they’re not going to tip you for your service.

Chelsea is a young woman who has raised her sister since she was a small girl and she has also battled an eating disorder. Even though Chelsea has big struggles financially always has a happy glowing expression on her face.

This couple had just told Chelsea they just had enough money to pay for the meal and they would have nothing left over for a tip. Chelsea really relies and tips in order to pay her bills but she showed some compassion for this couple as she knew they did not have the money.

The couple offered something to Chelsea instead of a cash tip and this really stunned her. Earlier that day a previous customer had left cash on her table and she split it with all her coworkers.

Chelsea could not figure out what was going on this day with her customers. Have you ever heard of the saying ” Pay it forward ” ?

Well they played a positive ” Pay It Forward ” prank on Chelsea. She is completely stunned when they tell her.

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