Coward Caught Swinging Petrified Little Dog By The Lead Before Slamming It On The Floor

This cruel man is actually swinging the dog by the leash – up in the air, and then the dog was slammed down onto the floor.

The incident occurred in Viera, Florida where the man has now been arrested.

Joseph Pendergrass, 19, is the suspect’s name,  he can be seen on surveillance camera abusing the Shih Tzu who goes by the name of Lily.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said that this was the most despicable act of cruelty he has seen.

The dog belonged to the owners of Barkingham Palace, where Pendergrass worked at the time.

Poor Lily was dragged by the leash, flung into the air twice then slammed against the concrete floor.

Before being dragged out of camera view she was then kicked where she suffered a broken leg but is thankfully expected to make a speedy recovery.

Take a look at the footage captured in the video below.

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