Father punishes his toddler by putting hot sauce in his mouth, mom’s reaction has women outraged

Parenthood can throw many challenges our way often making it a tough chore.

Having to deal with things like children’s behavior, sleep patterns, food, and toilet training.

Other parents will offer tips to try to ease the situation, so don’t worry you’re not alone.

But when it comes to disciplining your kids everyone has their own way.

This one dad has an extreme solution that will shock you.

Keith and his wife Tanya have a tough job raising these four boys, Jett 5, Gage 3, Trey 2, and the most recent addition is newborn Myles.

As a flight attendant, Keith travels quite a lot so mum life can be exhausting for Tanya as he could be gone four or five days at a time.

Going out and about isn’t easy with four youngsters especially since they are into everything, establishing and routine and trying to discipline them can be hard as they are often high maintenance.

Being boys they tend to fight a lot with each other which can often get out of control.

At this stage, the parents also feel like they’ve lost control too.


Three-year-old Gage is independent and his behavior can be testing for his parents at times.

Running out of options Keith decides to try out a new form of punishment.

Not knowing what else to do he decides to implement a tactic of his own and comes up with the “hot sauce” in your mouth.

He uses this method every time little Gage won’t listen which unfortunately for him doesn’t seem to have an affect.

What advice would you give and would you agree with his method?

This is not the only time hot sauce has been used as a way to punish children. Back in February a video surfaces of a man pouring hot sauce down a child’s pants and face as a form of punishment.

He labelled the video potty training 101 and seemed to be laughing in the video. Local police launched an investigation and were trying to determine if a crime was committed or not.

Some people left nasty comments to the parents with one person saying ” These parents think putting hot sauce on your child’s face and in their mouth is an appropriate way to potty train?

I’d never shame a mom like this unless it was warranted. But they are sick and I am shaking for that poor baby. ”

You can watch the video here:

Do you think this as an appropriate form of punishment? What do you think should happen the parents?

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