Dad is unaware he is being filmed secretly – spreads like wildfire what he does with infant son

It’s never easy to see your little one squirm with pain or discomfort.

Parents want to remove distress from the lives of their little ones, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided.

Antwon Lee recently took his newborn baby, Debias King Lee, to an appointment to receive his shots.

Antwon felt nervous because he knew that his son was going to have a hard time.

However, he figured out a way to make the whole process easier for the little boy.

Lee didn’t realize his girlfriend was filming the entire thing as he was so focused on his son.

Lee comments about the appointment: “I felt kind of scared a little bit, I knew he was going to go through some pain. I had to figure out a way to comfort him, and the day before, I talked to him and said if he needed to cry, go ahead and cry. That morning when we got there, and I let him know again it was okay to cry.

Lee does his best to keep his son entertained as they enter the doctor’s office in the video below.

The nurse asks Lee to lay his son on down the bed, as he does he holds his hand to keep him reassured.

Lee says “I felt the pain he was going through!” Adding “At that moment, there was pressure, but at the same time, it was beautiful.”

The father can also be heard saying: “I got you. I got you.” As Debias squeezes his finger he says: “Oh, you strong boy.”

Lee later uploaded the video online and it’s easy to see why the footage has gone viral.

It showcases the bond between father and son perfectly; a whirlwind of emotions captured in a bite-sized film that Lee will surely treasure for years to come.

Take a look at the video clip here:

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