Dancer lays on floor & waits, notice the dogs reaction when music begins

There are many championships from talent shows to beauty pageants all over the world we have seen it all!

A different kind of competition is featured below one which you might not have heard about before.

Dog dance –thats right!  A freestyle competition where a human and a dog perform a set of routines together.

Some of them are indeed meant solely for entertainment purposes, while others are endearing acts.

The performance featured below falls on the latter category!

You will be amazed when you see what the duo does in the clip!! It’s magnificent!

At the Open European Championships in 2014 this was actually the winning performance.

The Australian Shepherd is called Lizzy and her owner is  Sandra Roth.

Sandra has been dancing ballet and jazz for 24 years, however, she has only been performing with Lizzy for about two years now.

Being able to share her passion for dance with Lizzy makes it “the perfect sport” for the duo.

Roth remarks that Lizzy “gets more and more confident and our relationship has improved a lot.”

“Lizzie is now enjoying the attention from the audience.” claims Sandra.

Roth adds, “Other than dancing we also do some obedience training, we do Treibball, scent work, lunging, dog scootering and whatever is fun for both of us.”

Executing something like this isn’t always, but they did an amazing job!

Have a look at this fantastic video and don’t forget to share your comments with us!

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