Dog Drops Dead 2 Hours After Playing Popular Game: Now Owner Sounds Alarm About Hidden Danger.

Jen Walsh enjoyed a lovely day at a nearby Lake with family members a couple of weeks back.

As usual, she brought Hanz, her two-year-old Schnauzer along to get some play time with the family.

Hanz loved to play catch with Jen as he would race to retrieve a stick or a ball from the water.

Again and again, Jen would throw the ball, as Hanz was more than happy to race out for it each time.

The energetic little Schnauzer had been in and out fo the lake more than twenty times over a period of an hour and a half, no one realized the danger that he was in.

Hanz didn’t shake himself off the last time he came out of the watered and that’s when his owner Jen realized something wasn’t right.

Moments later the “worn out” dog just dropped to the ground.

They decided to bring him to the vet as he seemed to be deteriorating rapidly, Jen knew they had to do something in order for him to survive.

The dog was rushing into care the moment they arrived but sadly the little Schnauzer didn’t make it.

Soon after Jen discovered exactly what happened, Hanz had passed away from something known as hyponatremia, a form of water intoxication.

Thousands of dogs suffer from this every year, it’s not very common but it helps to be aware of the possibility.

What occurs with this condition is the body loses sodium as a result of excessive fluid intake.

One this happened the body’s cells swell as the fill with water, once the brain swells it affects the central nervous system which can be detrimental.

An important note to bear in mind is that dogs aren’t always aware of when they need to stop drinking, this occurs especially when they are in deep water like a pool or ocean.

Initially, the first symptoms of water intoxication can include weakness, dizziness, loss of appetite or nausea and vomiting.

Symptoms are as follows:

  • Tiredness
  • Confusion
  • Excessive Licking
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Bloated stomach
  • Widened pupils and a glazed look
  • In severe cases, difficulty breathing, cramps and loss of consciousness

Dogs that are at higher risk are mostly of smaller sizes as they can absorb lots of fluid in comparison to the size of their body.

If your dog to loves to play in water it’s important to keep an eye on this as it can put them at added risk of taking in too much water.

You should proceed to go directly to a vet if you suspect that your pet displays symptoms of water intoxication.

Unfortunately for the Walsh family they were unaware of the dangers and will always regret what happened.

The Walsh family are hoping to save more dogs and their owners from this horrible fate. They want to do this by spreading the Hanz’s story.

Since Jen shared her post on Facebook it has been shared almost 88,000 times already – spreading the message to all over the world.

Jen wrote on Facebook, “This will never happen to us again, but I wish we had been warned of the possibility. It would have saved Hanz’ life. He was the best dog EVER.”

Take a look at the full story for more details in the video below:

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