Driver Sees Collapsed Baby Fawn In Road And Slams On Breaks, Video Captured Nail-Biting Rescue As It’s Mother Watches.

 Steve Knopp and his friends caught a sight in the middle of the road instantly as they were passing through nearby a woods.

The baby fawn lay in the middle of the road, and the group was aware that the animal would be in danger if they didn’t act quickly.

Something seemed wrong, the baby fawn lay there collapsed on the ground with its limbs in an unusual way as if it appeared to be “hiding.”

They stopped the car immediately and got out to approach the injured deer, as they looked into the forest nearby to see if they could spot the fawn’s mother anywhere in sight.

Once Steve took a closer and realized the baby was still breathing and appeared to be healthy – then he did an extraordinary thing.

Now people from all over the world are calling Steve a wildlife hero!

Knowing he would have to intercept quickly otherwise the animal would have a chance of survival.

Then he approached the helpless creature cautiously, kneeling down slowing but quietly to see how it would react to him.

His next effort had everyone amazed as he gently scooped up the baby fawn and took it to the nearby woods.

After saving the fawn’s life the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife say that you should normally leave newborns alone.

“The advice to anyone encountering a fawn lying quietly alone in the woods is to leave it alone. Mother will be nearby and will be taking care of it once you move away.

If you have handled the fawn, rub an old towel in the grass and wipe the fawn to remove human scent. Using gloves, return the fawn to where it was found.

Fawns can often be returned to their mothers if taken back to where they were found within eight hours.

If a fawn appears cold, weak, thin or injured, and its mother does not return in approximately eight hours, it may be orphaned. In such a case, you can call a local rehabilitator (look under ‘Animal’ or ‘Wildlife’ in your phone directory).”

Although it may look like some newborn fawns have been abandoned, no doubt its mother was close by and within earshot.

When it’s a non-emergency situation take care not to handle a fawn as it could deter the mother from caring for its young.

It’s a blessing that Steve was in the right place at the right time!

Have a look at the video to see how the rescue ends in the video below – it’s breathtaking.

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