Everyone Loves A Maths Riddle But Only 1 In 7 Get It Right On The First Try, Can You Solve This Tricky One?

Solving riddles is usually fun. Not just because of the fact that you get the chance to test your ability to think outside the box, also on the grounds that you get the chance to challenge the boastful individuals around you.

I figure we as a whole need to have a touch of rivalry in our lives. Who’s the most brilliant of the group?

I thought the brainteaser below was extremely tricky – I needed to think for a few minutes before figuring out the correct response.

I’ve cherished riddles and puzzles as far back as my childhood years. One of my teaches, Eva gave us a considerable amount of problems to solve, such as optical illusions and murder mysteries for children.

It was a welcome change from our typical schoolwork – I wanted to pause and truly consider how to make sense of them.

Eva’s training remained with me even to this day. Despite everything, I take time from my day to simply switch off during the day and take a seat with a cup of tea and a crossword or puzzle. I think we all require more brain stimulation these days!

The riddle below looks simple at first look, hold on! According to others, just 1 out of 7 get it correct on their initial attempt. Can you solve it?

Well, do you have your answer ready? Perfect. You might believe the answer is 1 goldfish, since 10 – 2 – 4 – 3 = 1. However it’s not as simple as that.

Fish breathe underwater, so they can’t drown. They’re in a small bowl, so they can’t really swim away either. And if they die, well… they’re still in the bowl!

And that’s what matters for this riddle, after all. It’s about how many are still left, not about how many are alive.

So the final answer is 10!


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