Female army officer boards busy plane, but man in 1st class refuses to allow her travel in coach.

There’s something about little acts of kindness that simply go far. Now and again, our hearts reach out to someone else and we feel the need to do something kind for them.

One man seemed to encounter exactly this on a plane one day when he detected a female servicewoman get on board the plane.

His response would fuel empathy and generosity, making this brilliant story simply more significant.

Everything started on a bustling flight one day. Traveler Jessica Titus recognized an intriguing interaction as she was getting onto the plane.

As they entered the plane, a man sitting in first class promptly got up from his seat.

On my flight Tuesday, I walked down the jetway behind a woman in uniform (Army). A man stood up from his 1st class seat and said, ‘Sorry ma’am, I’m in your seat,’ Jessica wrote on Facebook.

‘What does your ticket say?’ the 1st class passenger asked the servicewoman.

Appearing confused, she replied, ‘What? No – I’m 31 B.’

A few American carriers do regularly make special exemptions and give unique advantages to the military workforce on their flights, however, on this specific day, the servicewoman was about to seat herself in a middle row coach seat.

Jessica immediately heard the man’s question, which also confused her. Soon enough his intentions were very clear.

He abandoned his seat and gave her his first-class seat and took her center seat in the coach. The officer was deeply touched by his gesture… as was Jessica.

Truth be told, Jessica’s heart was touched at seeing such a grand gesture. As the flight took off, she essentially couldn’t stop contemplating the man’s magnificent demonstration of kindness… and she just knew she needed to show proactive kindness.

So she arranged a little note…

The man refused to accept her money but did express just how grateful he was that his intent to move inspired someone else to do good, also.

“Do good. Recognize good. Make the world better,” Jessica ends on Facebook.

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