Female Firefighter Risks Her Life To Rescue Baby Deer Trapped In Blazing Fire.

In late April a wildfire broke out close to Key Deer National Preserve in Key West, Florida, where human, and pets were ushered out of harm’s way by firefighters.

Jen Shockley Brack from Monroe County Fire Rescue firefighter was among those who fought against the blaze, which was fueled by trees that fell after Hurricane Irma.

While her team was holding the fireline she spotted a fawn, who looked totally terrified and its mother was nowhere in sight.

“He was scared to death and his little legs were shaking,” she recalled.

As Jen stood there she could barely watch the young deer heading straight for the smoke and flames,  despite risking her own safety, she informed a colleague she was going after it.

“I saw his big eyes and he was so scared and trembling, I just had to get him. He was all by himself and running for his life into the fire.”

As she approached closer,  it seemed to sense she wanted to help as he didn’t look to have gotten far.

As he ducked down beneath a bush that was up in flames, she bent down to scoop him up in her arms carrying him back to safety.

He was given a checkup, food, and water inside the truck and, of course, a few images were captured.

From this vantage point, he probably would’ve preferred to stay put until he spotted the rest of his herd.

But the policy requires that all animals remain in the wild, so once the firefighters had quenched the flames, this little Bambi was released back to the wild.

Thanks to the firefighters,  the fire was actually contained to a relatively small area, and the fawn lived to tell a tale.

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