Girl shares image of Grandma’s disgraceful dinner at nursing home – everyone is raging.

When we think about our elders being in nursing homes, we like to believe they’re being protected where they don’t need to stress over their needs being met.

Most of the time this is the situation; nursing home staff are friendly and care for those they are responsible for looking after.

Unfortunately, it’s not the case. One woman’s Facebook post has circulated around the web for all the wrong reasons after she shared what her grandma was served while recuperating from a major operation.

Mary Thompson, a 79-year-old lady who is from Claremont Parkway in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England was served what resembles frozen chips and a cut of ham for her supper – while making progress after her operation.

Her granddaughter, Elisha, took to Facebook to share her rage at the ‘feast’, expressing that the care home ought to be “embarrassed about themselves”.

Obviously, it wasn’t too long before Elisha’s message was seen by spotted by more than her close friends on social media.

Her unique post has now been shared 60,000 times, with individuals raging over the way that the home thought that this behavior was acceptable.

“This is my Grandma’s dinner from Claremont care home In Kettering!!

“Absolutely disgraceful! They should be ashamed of themselves! How are the old and vulnerable meant to survive and get stronger!

“Everyone needs to be fully aware of how our loved ones are being treated!

“I wouldn’t feed that to my dog.”

According to a source, Mary Thompson had informed the staff that she needed ham, egg, and chips for her supper.

She was then given ham, chips, and beans, before having her plate returned after she explained she couldn’t eat beans.

Mary’s little girl Diane said:

“They were obviously frozen chips and they’d been re-heated. There was no potato in them – they were just shells.

“We asked where the egg was and were told they’d run out – yet there’s a Tesco just over the road.

“I told staff the meal was disgusting, there was no way my mum was going to eat, so they took the plate away and returned again – this time with just a pile of chips.

“I asked where the ham had gone and was told ‘it’s just sandwich ham, she won’t want that anyway.”

It’s imperative that we always look after our seniors, particularly when individuals are paid to respect and care for them.

We trust the nursing home have learned a valuable lesson and won’t attempt to repeat this again.

If you agree with her granddaughter then please SHARE this post with your friends and family to object to this kind of treatment.

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