Couple Is Evicted By Greedy Grandson Who Tricked Them Into Signing Over Deed

We all have family and consider them to be the closest people to us in life, well most of the time. There can be circumstances where family members may fall out with each other, but in todays society, not every family member is a blood relative.

Some people have an excellent relationships with family and broader group of relatives.

But then there are people that would sell their soul to the devil himself to take advantage of their own flesh and bloods belongings. Talk about gratitude!

This is what happened to Helen and Hank Kawecki when their grandson tricked them into signing over the deeds of their house to him.

He cunningly tricked them into thinking they were signing papers for a loan.

Their evil grandson’s plan was unraveled by their friendly neighbor, Doug Emerson, who saw what the con artist was trying to do.

Emerson wasted no time and quickly contacted the couple when he saw a realtor come to the house while the couple were away one day.

Sadly, the Kawecki’s are now taking their grandson to court for his malicious plan to take their home.

Watch the video below and see the predicament the couple now face!

Due to the fact that they signed the legal documentation, they will have to leave their beloved home for now. Even though they are taking legal action against their grandson, the house legally belong to him until the courts make a decision. They have lost their home and are being evicted. This is a sadistic act that was done to this lovely elderly couple by their grandson.

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