Groomer Kicks Dog Breaking It’s Ribs, Owners Outraged Why He Didn’t Serve Jail Time.

This is disgusting behavior! It seems we need to be concerned over individuals dealing with our animals. I love animals and genuinely feel this guy ought to serve some prison time.

Call me insane, yet any human who torments any creature for unknown reasons would most likely do likewise to a human! This ought to be shared to let each dog owner aware and perhaps there can be some pressure put on this person!

Lucas Van Orden V,22-year-old puppy groomer was condemned to two years of probation – after he pleaded guilty.

He kicked Jasper repeatedly, a dog living at the Creature Comfort Vet Center in Iowa while he was being groomed – which left the animal with broken ribs, wounded lungs, and subcutaneous emphysema.

Jasper was in intensive care for a number of days.

On USA Today, ‘In a conversation on Reddit, the proprietors, whom police did not recognize, said that their dog, a corgi named Jasper, indicated he was in pain immediately after being picked up from the groomer. He walked slowly with his ears down, wouldn’t jump in the car as usual and screamed in pain when his owners tried to pick him up.’

As per his post on LinkedIn, Lucas Van Orden IV refers to  himself as the practice manager at the veterinarian’s office for almost 20 years.

See more details on the story in the video below:

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