Parents hear weird noise on monitor at night, when they check in the room they find out why

At night parents generally, use a baby monitor to watch over their children while softly sleeping while they tend to tasks or rest in bed.

The monitor alerts you in the event of something happening or if the child cries, equally you can hear other sounds or voices too.

Speaking of voices, what would your reaction be if you happened to hear a strange voice through the monitor speaking to the child.

Sounds like a clip from a scary movie, right?

This family from Washington weren’t the first victims but here is their most recent experience.

The parents claim their 3-year-old son started complaining of being scared at night.

The terrified child says he a hear someone speaking to him through the monitor.

One night Sarah walked into his bedroom that’s when she uncovered the eerie truth.

She could hear this words “ Wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you

Jay claims he heard the voice say “ Look someone’s coming” or Someone’s coming into view” as his wife went to the room.

The worst part was when the parents noticed that the night vision lens was falling their movements as if someone else was controlling the monitor.

After contacting the manufacturer Foscam they discovered that there was a slight possibility that someone should control the device by hacking it.

Apparently, these occurrences have become a lot more frequent.

It’s basically like they are standing next to you in your house,” said Lance Ulanoff, chief correspondent Mashable.

He added, “If somebody else has your login information, they can go to that same app and log into your webcam, which is what happened here.

Lance advises people to change the password after they purchase the device.

He also suggests having a separate password and to install updates regularly.

More details on the story in the video below.

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