Heartbreaking Wedding Photo Of Bride Captured After Drunk Driver Took Her Firefighter Fiance’s Life

Often weddings don’t always go according to plan.  I can recall a couple of glitches which accompanied my own ceremony. Right before the wedding, I ended up in the hospital with a terrible case of food poisoning.

On top of that my bride-to-be was hours late to the wedding rehearsal. During the reception after one too many, a family member became a little over-enthusiastic. Despite all the hiccups, the wedding still plowed on.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the bride in the following story, Jessica Padgett of Daviess County, Indiana. It wasn’t that she didn’t have the fine details of the ceremony in place.

According to WXIN, she and her fiancé, Kendall Murphy, finally agreed to get married on Sept. 29 of this year. Little did she realize that tragedy would deny her this opportunity.

Murphy her fiance served as a volunteer firefighter. On Nov. 10, 2017, he was dispatched to a rural highway where a terrible crash had occurred causing harm and injury.

WXIN reported that three firefighters arrived on the scene, one of the three was in fact, Murphy.

However as a fourth firefighter named 26-year-old Colby Blake arrived at speed to the site of the accident, he plowed straight into another truck.

This resulted in Blake who had apparently been under the influence of alcohol, crashed into Murphy and took his life instantly.

The tragic outcome of this young firefighter’s broke the heart not only of Padgett but also everyone in his community.

When the date his proposed wedding drew close, Murphy’s mother decided that everyone needed a chance to grieve publicly.

Katrina Murphy hired a photographer named Mandi Knepp and asked Padgett to participate in a wedding shoot. The pictures produced as a result lie between the line of happy and heartbreaking.

These awful photographs demonstrate a lamenting bride on what should have been her big day.

Jessica Padgett will never get the opportunity to wed Kendall Murphy, the love for her life, on the grounds that the Montgomery Volunteer Firefighter was slaughtered by a drunk driver while helping an injured individual in an accident.

In the snaps, a huge wedding party makes everybody alive with smiles. Others demonstrate Padgett getting to experiencing the traditions of bridal preparations.

However not at all of the individual appears to be excited about wedding photography as a string of despair shines its way through. Padget holds the arm of another of her supposed mother in law while battling tears.

Another photo shows her clad in a white wedding dress while collapsed over her life partner’s gravestone. Others portray her beside with Murphy’s firefighting equipment.

The wedding shoot wasn’t the show of respect that Murphy received. WBIW reported that he was honored at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service on Friday.

It commended the lives of approximately 80 firefighters who died in the line of obligation in 2017. The service likewise included lighting different structures in the evening time to remember the fallen.

All things considered, it’s difficult to think about a more touching tribute than the one Padgett gave. Its impact pulls at the heartstrings and helps us to remember the price a large number of our first responders endure.

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