Hen party was going to plan until this horrific disaster struck mid flight

A bride and her entire hen party have died in a plane crash while returning from a trip to Dubai.

Turkish heiress and bride to be Mina Basaran, 28, went on holiday to celebrate her upcoming marriage to Murat Gezer with seven of her close friends when her private plane burst into flames and crashed into a remote mountain range in Iran.

The bridal party was returning home to Turkey from Sharjah when the plane came crashing down.

Local villagers who located the wreckage found ‘no survivors’, authorities have confirmed all passengers and crew members on board died.

Miss Basaran posted the photo alongside her bridesmaids celebrating the hen party one day before her death.

While her seven bridesmaids wore matching pink, the future bride donned a white dressing gown.

The cause of the crash is unclear, an eye-witness told local news that the plane was on fire before it hit the mountain.

Apparently, the flight began to drop drastically within minutes an hour into its journey.

Authorities said in a statement: “The plane did not apply for maintenance procedures while on the ground of the airport.”

Hopefully, help investigators piece together what happened using the ‘black box’ from the located from the jet.

Miss Basaran worked as a board member of her father’s company and was due to be married on 14 April this year.

Below she is pictured inside the plane, carrying a string of love heart-shaped balloons.

Just hours prior to the tragedy,  heart-breaking images of the happy and smiling bridal party were shared on social media.

According to Iranian news agency Tasnim, the aircraft was a Canadian-made Bombardier.

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