Here’s What Your Toe Length Says About Your Personality, It’s 100% Accurate.

People’s personalities have been linked in many ways with different physical attributes.

Our hands and feet, in particular, seem to hold a lot of detail about our lives and from the choices we make to the way we behave in general.

We often compare and contrast left-handed people with those who tend to use their right hand.

The length of our fingers can be examined to reveal things such as character traits, personality quirks, destiny in life, etc.

Another way in which we can look into our health and personalities is by simply looking down at our own two feet.

Many people believe that the shape and length of our toes is linked to certain personality indicators.

Take a moment to look at your toes and compare them to the three pictures below labeled A, B, and C.

Type A is when all the toes descend neatly and uniformly in length.

When your toes descend in length it means you are balanced and social.

Type B is when the second toe happens to be longer than the big toe.

 When your second toe is longer than big toe its means you are creative and enthusiastic.

Type C is when all of the toes are just about equal and the same length.

Toes are all the same length for type C’s which indicates you tend to be cautious but reliable.

Which description matches your toe-type the best? Let us know your results in the comments.

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