High School Choir Turn Their Back On Audience Then Spin Around Making The Crowd Laugh Hysterically.

We are all familiar with the theme song The Lone Rangers as it is one of the most identifiable tunes ever released.

However, as students of Timpanogos High School gave a shot at performing their version of the traditional opera things became hilarious.

They decided to enhance it rather than sticking to a stuffy rendition similar to ones we’ve witnessed in the past.

The audience in hysterics with the performance, scroll down to have a look at the video for yourself.

Of course, we are all familiar with the sounding beat of the William Tell Overture song but not too au fait with its rich history.

It was initially composed by Gioachino Rossini in the early 1800s, but now part of the William Tell opera,

In 1829 the show premiered as part of the final opera for Rossini’s career where later on approaching his semi-retirement he turned his attention to religious and sacred music.

Within the musical community, Rossini’s overture quickly gained recognition and is now used across different industries, projects, songs, and countless other artistic applications!

the students chose this particular song because the tune can be quickly identified.

They infused a bit of humor while they performed a good quality version of the song.

Have a look at this hilarious rendition of the William Tell Overture in the video below where the Timpanogos High School were able to give us all a good laugh.

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