Homeless Boy adopts stray pup to avoid feeling lonely, their new friendship touched thousands of hearts

As the saying goes a dog is a man’s best friend.

There is great truth supporting that statement.

A new friendship has blossomed between this little boy and his puppy.

The following pictures show how the two have touched thousands of hearts.

11-year-old Rommel Quemenales is 11 years old lives in Quezon City in the Philippines

Photos of Rommel were posted on Facebook.

He was found on the streets with the little puppy.

After the photos were published on Facebook, they received huge attention from around the world.

Rommel parents are separated since when he was just a little boy.

When he can afford it he goes to visit his older city who lives in another city.

He has only had the opportunity to attend second grade but dreams of going back to school one day.

Recently he found this puppy on the street.

So he took him under his wing and named him Badgi, so he would have a friend to hang out with.

Rommel teaches Badgi tricks and sleeps on the street with him.

It would be great to see him go to school and live in a warm safe home with his family and dog.

It’s fascinating how much love and compassion this little boy has even after everything he’s been through.

Badgi his dog doesn’t care if his owner is rich or poor, he rests in Rommel’s arms and adores him with all his heart.

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