Horse Hears Favourite Tune, Then Stuns The Crowd When He Does This.

Normally when watching horses in action they are either racing or jumping over fences,  but we’ve never witnessed one break into a dance like this.

While in the middle of a stadium this horse begins to line dance upon hearing it’s favorite song being played over the loudspeaker.

Like most cases, there was someone on the ready with their video recorder to share it with the world,  for all to see.

I know it seems a little unusual right, that a horse would actually have a love for music.

A website known as TheHorse explains how some music can, in fact, stress a horse out, other tunes can be rather soothing.

On the site, a study quoted that rock and jazz music tends to cause horses to exhibit stressful behavior in comparison to no music being played.

Incidentally, it seems that country and classical music actually soothe the large mammals.

Determining that genres promote peace depending on the way the horses were eating, the quieter they ate, the calmer they were.

This horses favourite country song is “Achy Breaky Heart” the horse along with his rider danced to the words of the song.

It was evident from watching the video that the horse gets even more excited when he hears the chorus.

Fans fell in love with this amazing horse and its line dancing skills as it’s not often one gets to see a show like this.

It’s amazing how the horse mimics the same routine as the humans turning and spinning to the beat.

Not many of us can claim to have done line dancing with a horse.

Take a look at the dance routine for yourself in the video below.

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