Hurricane Map Shapes Up In A Way That Has Everyone In Hysterics.

We could all utilization a little levity with Hurricane Florence surging tirelessly toward the east coast.

Obviously, the principal concern is everybody in its way is secure and found safe shelter, however in following the storms advancement, the web found a realistic image that is fundamentally comical.

The Facebook page for National Hurricane Updates issued a notice yesterday with respect to specific zones where terrible harm may be likely as Hurricane Florence hits.

It was all very much scientific based, that is until you actually see the image included.

The supportive picture was intended to show the path of the storm, however rather, however, it accidentally panicked everybody into believing that a huge schlong was heading toward the Carolina and Virginia coasts.

Ignore those numbers ladies —  as they will probably increase.

The administrator claim they had no clue they were putting this huge dick out into the world, and if that is genuinely the case, then god bless them. 

But if they were simply just trolling us with expectations of keeping spirits up amid an exceptionally scary time, then good on them because we as a country could use a little more of this humor.

Obviously, it wasn’t at all lost on Facebook as commenters instantly saw the enormous thing pointing straight for North Carolina, scroll down to see the comments.


Lisa does make a valid point, we all know what happens when people are locked up indoors waiting out a storm. Or when a huge wiener is aimed directly at North Carolina coast.

It just had to be said.

At least she actually thought about bringing protection?

But as Kimberly does point out, this storm hopefully won’t be hanging around for much longer. We see what she did there.

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