Husband Makes Fun Of Wife After Giving Birth To Their Firstborn. She Makes Him Regret It BIG TIME.

Giving birth to a new baby is a tough job for any mom and let’s face it, we don’t look great after hours in labor, do we?

So when this husband made fun of his wife after giving birth to their first born….let’s just say she wasn’t happy!

In the story below, you won’t believe what this husband says to his wife. It will leave you in shock. You must read it to find out….

The husband wasn’t happy with the recent weight gain his wife accrued during pregnancy, and when he saw what she looked like after birth, he had some not so nice opinions…

She kept quiet at first, but she wasn’t going to keep her anger vented in for long. The wife would be getting her revenge at a later time…are you ready to see what she did?

So when bedtime came about her husband was feeling frisky, there was no way she was going to let him have his own way as he propositioned her for some lovemaking.

What a great response! It totally serves him right – I mean who makes such rude remarks to their wife, after going through 9 months of pregnancy and a painful childbirth?

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