Janitor told to clean school cafeteria after accident – can’t help breaking down once he opens the door.

When it comes to managing and operating a school there are many different levels of assistance and skills required,  from cleaning staff to administration and teachers.

As the saying goes it takes a village to raise one child but in order to make things run smoothly in a school, you need a team of dedicated people.

Although each person in the school has a specific purpose in the operation of things, certain staff don’t always get recognition.

Without janitors, in particular, the schools wouldn’t be the same without them.

This particular group of schoolkids decided to do something to show their appreciation to their janitor.

Eugene Hinton works as a janitor at Moody Elementary School in Alabama, USA.and he is admired by all at his school for his efforts.

Teacher Andrea Orrexplainedd there was a mess in the cafeteria. She explained that a student had been involved in an accident Eugene’s help was needed straight away.

When Eugene headed to the cafeteria, however, he was met with something unexpected.

Eugene Hinton is appreciated by both students and teachers at Moody Elementary School. He’s always there to lend a helping hand when it’s required, lift the kids spirits with his cheerful attitude to life.

On this particular day, however, a student had had an accident. Eugene was instructed by a teacher to clean up the mess.

Eugene asked the teacher how bad the accident in the cafeteria was. She replied, simply: “Yes, it’s very bad.”

Of course, Eugene didn’t shy away from his task he retrieved his cleaning cart and went to the cafeteria.

The teacher had a plan to get him into the cafeteria hall.

Once the janitor pushed open the door, he was left speechless. There was a teeming hall of students shouting “surprise”, it was all he could to do stay on his feet. Once he realized what was going on he broke down, tears streaming from his eyes.

Little did Eugene know that it was “National Custodian Appreciation Day”, which is a day designed to pay tribute to all those hard-working souls that help schools to run as efficiently.

The children at the school had made signs for the janitor, and welcomed him into the hall with hugs and presents, to thank him for all his hard work over the years.

Take a look at the video below to see Eugene’s surprise:

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