Just 1 in 5 can solve this riddle right away: Can you figure out the name of the father’s fourth son?

A great way to sharpen the brain is by practicing riddles there’s also an element of fun to it. Rather than just staring at screens or chatting about work we could benefit from some brain stimulation instead.

Add some variety to your day by attempting to solve problems and figure out puzzles. Everyone needs some of that, now and again. It’s also challenging and fun.

My grandparents are nearly always busying themselves with crosswords or some type of puzzle when I call to visit. They claim it keeps their minds fresh and alert – which I believe is true.

Keeping your bring active with these types of challenges is good for your brain health.

We all have the tendency to get a little lazy and sluggish when watching TV or internet videos for too long. A brilliant way to activate your mind is by sitting down and attempting these riddles or puzzles. It makes you more alert and switches your mind on.

Trending Stylist located this riffle earlier in the week. Only 1 in 5 apparently get it right on the first attempt. That may sound a little bit odd, in fact, it wasn’t actually that hard – but it really makes you think twice.

Many of these riddles and puzzles are designed that way– either you get it right on the first go, or you have to sit and ponder it for a while before finding the answer.

Anyway give it a go, the riddle is below:

Simon’s Dad has 4 sons; March, April, and May – but what is the fourth son’s name?

Well, were you able to figure out the answer?

If you read the question you can actually solve it!

Congratulation if you have figured it out already, there’s a genius within. You happen to be one of the 20% who knew the answer to this tricky riddle instantly.

If you didn’t manage to solve the riddle, then the answer is below:

The fourth son’s name is Simon. “Simon’s Dad has 4 sons…”, so that means Simon is one of the sons!

If you were smart enough to figure out the answer then SHARE with your friends to challenge them.

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