Kitten Gets Gift From Her Vet – The Reason She Won’t Let It Go Has The Internet In Tears

Many of us remember a favorite stuffed toy or security blanket we carried around as kids. Over time they may have become a bit beaten and worn, but the purpose was served to help us to get through obstacles growing up.

Comfort comes in the shape of a small pillow for this cat Belle.

A woman called Katie Gaber adopted Belle, to join her new family in North Dakota. From the beginning, Gaber noticed something odd about her newly adopted pet — she was slightly clingy.

We knew she was the cat for us when she clung to us, not wanting us to let her go,” Gaber claims.

Once Belle settled into her home, the other family cat Jazzy, would tolerate her but wasn’t overly interested in snuggling with the kitten. Belle had plenty TLC  from her family, but there was still something missing.

All would be revealed at the trip to the vets.

Belle was going to get neutered and didn’t seem particularly excited about her visit.

Although the experience may have been the nicest she received something precious that day from the vet which made her feel better.

Gaber tells us “When we dropped her off, the vet decided to give her a little pillow to keep her company, and she fell in love with it,

After we picked her up, the vet gave us the pillow and told us that she really liked it and thought we should keep it for her,” Gaber adds.

The red and white hand-me-down pillow wasn’t anything special —  just a small piece of terry cloth — following that first vet visit, Belle is never without it.

Since then, she has carried the pillow wherever she goes,” Gaber noted.

Also adding “We will find it all over the house in random spots.”

Even though is just a pillow it also serves as a toy and a playful companion.

Gaber comments “She mostly carries it around in her mouth to wherever she’s headed, or she will put it between her paws and kick at it and bite it,

“There have even been times where she has laid her head on it and fallen asleep.” she remarks.

The family is not exactly sure why she is so mesmerized by the piece of cloth as it doesn’t even have catnip in it.


Maybe for Belle, the pillow is a soothing comfort— perhaps a reminder of her past.

Gaber thinks “I think she likes it so much because of the soft texture,”

“My mom likes to believe it makes her think of her mother in some way, and that’s why she finds some comfort in it.” she says.


The pillow looks smaller in comparison as Belle grows but yet there is no sign of letting go.

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