Lady takes sneak picture behind old man’s back: truth is revealed what waitress did to the food

Most people perceive that today’s youth have no respect for their elders, in some cases, this may be correct.

More appreciation should be shown by the young people towards those who have helped build our country as we know it today.

However, that’s not always the case, as plenty of young people have often displayed.

This story, in particular, is one which we hope that we can help it to spread and highlight for others to share.

18-year-old Evoni Williams worked her usual shift at Waffle House in Houston last Saturday serving behind the counter.

She noticed an elderly man who required the support of an oxygen tank who was struggling to cut up his food.

His hands didn’t work as well as they previously did so Evoni reached out to give him a hand.

Laura Wolf remarks “Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting up his ham,”

She uploaded a picture to Facebook as she was so moved by the action.

Wolf comments “This may seem small, but to him, I’m sure it was huge.”

Also adding “I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative.

Nearly a week later, this lovely act of kindness has been shared over 40,000 times on Facebook.

Texas Southern University School, offered Evoni a scholarship worth $16,000 once they saw this picture.

For Williams, this opportunity was a life-changing gift.

Evoni had been working at Waffle House to save money for the university since she graduated from high school back in May.

The girl herself said that her actions were just normal for her, but she was extremely honored by the recognition.

Williams claims “I didn’t know the photo was taken until a couple hours later.”

According to Evoni, it was just obvious that she should be helping the old man.

When I saw it, it’s just something I would do for anybody.”

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