Little cheerleader begins to cry during announcement, once fans realize why the whole stadium is sobbing.

The transition of introducing a new sibling to the family is never easy especially being an only child.

Confusion and upset can kick in for some children, where their world can suddenly become a very different place.

7-year-old Hailey McGregor welcomed a new baby brother into her life but also had to come to terms with the fact that her father, who is an officer in the United States Navy, was deployed overseas.

All these changes were a major adjustment for young Hailey as she wasn’t used to not having her dad around.

When she’s not at school little Hailey loves cheerleading.

She was attending a football game later that evening and on this particular night, she didn’t suspect anything different.

As she prepares to perform her routine on the field with her fellow cheerleaders the loudspeaker comes on with a special announcement.

Once Hailey hears the name they announce she can’t believe it’s one that she recognizes.

Hailey hears her father’s name as the crowd watch, a range of emotions follow and finally she bursts into tears.

With a confused expression, she looks at her mom on the sidelines and then begins running toward her.

As she gives her mom  the biggest hug she tells her to look over at the other end of the field.

At the other end, her father stands with a huge smile on his face and Hailey immediately runs towards him and jumps into his arms.

Hailey is in shock and the crowd breaks out in cheers at such a beautiful moment.

This reunion completely caught her by surprise which she will treasure for many years to come.

Take a look at the video below as Hailey is reunited with her dad.

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